Preparations towards the Pacific Mini Games were earmarked on September 10 with a training session called ‘A day in the life of Van2017’ for all the staffs.

It was a half-day session scheduled by the Games Organizing Committee–Van2017, in Port Vila, to test scenarios for each of the Games’ functional areas (FAs) that might occur from November 30 to December 18, 2017, when the Games are on and teams are here.

The exercise has given all staff members a broad idea on how the Games is going to operate, and the interaction between FA’s to keep one standard of Games services delivery.

Communications, planning, coordination and line reporting were some of the key points that staff said they learned from the exercise.

CEO Clint Flood said for Van2017 staff, it was very beneficial as they realised that all functional areas are connected, and there is a need to open up and have a broader knowledge on other FA’s. It was an opportunity for discussions on how to improve planning and work on improvements over the next 80 days.

“Getting our staff to know what a typical day might look like during the Games and understanding their roles, where everyone has to be ready and prepared to meet and face unexpected situations raised from the public, athletes, VIPs, Sponsors, Van2017 staff and Games volunteers, is a critical step of planning now that we are 80 days out from the start of the Games,” he said.

“The scenarios we ran by the staff are ones that I have seen or witnessed in every single event I have worked at. Our jobs now are to try and work hard on our planning to reduce the chances of these scenarios becoming real, but also understand that there are lots of things we can’t control—for example weather—and we will need to make sure we can react quickly to the unexpected.”

This was a first of its kind training exercise by Van2017, and it is planned to hold another later this month and another in October as part of ongoing staff preparation prior to the Games.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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