Anglican Members

Some of the 1,000 Anglican Members during the Easter Sunday Event. Photo: Selwyn Leodoro

By Godwin Ligo

The Anglican Church in Port Vila raised over Vt1 Million in four hours on Easter Sunday through what was described as ‘congregation cash contributions’ towards a Provincial Synod that will be hosted by Vanuatu in November 2017.

This is the first time that the Anglican Church in Port Vila and Efate organized such a major fundraising event by way of ‘congregation cash donation’ method.

The Anglican Church in Port Vila and Efate is divided into wards and each ward came in last Easter Sunday with however much amount they could raise then made their contribution after the Easter Holy Eucharist and the free food sharing time.

“Within four hours we collected Vt1,055,041 from all the Anglican Wards in Port Vila and Efate.

“This is considered one of the biggest ever fundraise that the Anglican Church in Port Vila made, and especially going towards the Anglican Provincial Synod that will be hosted by Vanuatu in November this year and attended by members including, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia,” the Master of the Ceremony during Easter Sunday event, Reginald Garoleo, who is also the Principal of Malapoa College, revealed to the Daily Post yesterday.

The idea for the initiative came up from the Secretary of the Anglican Council in Port Vila John Garoleo, with the support from the Chairman of the upcoming Provincial Synod, Harold Qualao, and the Chairman of the Port Vila Anglican Church Council Mark Bebe and the Anglican Congregation in Port Vila and Efate, according to Reginald Garoleo.

The Anglican Church in Port Vila is expected to raise Vt3 Million towards the Provincial Synod, while other Anglican Parishes throughout Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and New Caledonia, also have their target to raise towards the Anglican Provincial Synod, but Reginald Garoleo, said the Anglican Church in New Caledonia comes under the jurisdiction of the Anglican Diocese of Vanuatu.

Last Easter Sunday ‘Congregation donations’ saw over one thousand Anglican Church members throughout Port Vila and Efate pulling together that resulted in the amount raised.

“Some of the Anglican Wards for example Central Port Vila ward donated Vt347,000 while some including Malapoa College donated Vt100,000 and others Vt60, 000 and over as contributions came rolling in that reached over Vt1 million within 4 hours,” the MC for the event Reginald Garoleo, announced.

“Our next ‘Congregation donations time will be held in June and the venue is the Anglican Parish in Teouma and we expect raise more than Vt1 million at the time.

“I wish to express my appreciation to all the Anglican Wards throughout Port Vila and Efate for their contributions which to me indicates the true colour of willing heart and faithfulness towards the church they belong to and God’s work in Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and the region and beyond,” Garoleo remarked.

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