A range of projects located in Tafea and Shefa Province have been identified under the Public Buildings Recovery Package 1 for repair works to be done on.

An assessment conducted within a period of one year has identified these buildings to have sustained significant damage from severe TC Pam last year.

Signing of Agreement on Public Buildings Recovery projects between MP Johnny Koanapo, Chairman of Pam Recovery Committee and Australian High Commissioner, Jeremy Bruer, took place yesterday afternoon to support reconstruction and repair of these buildings.

“Badly damaged after Tropical Cyclone Pam, these buildings have become unfit for their purpose, namely the delivery of services to the community.

"It is important to get the buildings rebuilt and repaired as quickly as possible to ensure they continue to play their important role in the country’s development.

"We are also looking to ensure the buildings are more resistant to natural disasters, to better prepare Vanuatu for the future," said Mr Bruer.

The agreement between the Australian and Vanuatu governments will see a variety of vital infrastructure repaired or rebuilt.

This includes projects such as the Provincial Agricultural Office on Tanna, which lost its roof during the cyclone, and a water supply system in Lenami community, which was contaminated by the storm. Vanuatu’s Parliament House will also benefit from a makeover to return it to its past glory.

“I thank the Australian Government for helping the Vanuatu Government and its people to recover from Tropical Cyclone Pam and in particular for being very flexible with its support," said Mr Koanapo.

The Australian Government provided A$35 million in additional aid following Tropical Cyclone Pam to assist the Vanuatu Government in its efforts to put the country back on a path towards growth.

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