Coordinators Lulu (left) and Obed in white tent at Sarabulu

The Coordinators of the Food Distribution Centre at Sarabulu Churches of Christ Church are appealing to those remaining Ambae victims of the Manaro Volcanic eruption to hurry and register their names for potential food distribution assistance.

Over 500 Ambaeans have already been registered at Sarabulu Church in Port Vila to be provided with food donations due to the Manaro Volcanic ash fall over their islands.

Registration Coordinator Edson David and his colleague, Michael Lulu have been appointed by the chiefs of Ambae to register Ambaean victims of the ash fall.

They are located in a white tent on the premises of Sarabulu Church above Harbour View Restaurant.

Their job is to register the names of all victims in order to provide emergency food assistance to them. “Our statistics have indicated we would be expecting some 300-400 but the impact of the disaster has been bigger than we expected because some victims have come from as far as North Efate and those in Teouma are still coming so our total number has already exceeded 500 and it is climbing towards 600”, says David.

He explains that the statistics is important to confirm the number of people affected by ash fall over Ambae Island.

David says it is important to be registered so that they have an exact number of victims who moved to Port Vila as a result of the volcanic eruption. “The other reason is that our chiefs have met and agreed for each community to donate five bags of rice each”, David explains.

“Our registrations have helped us to understand how many people there are in each household for food distribution purposes.

“Our food donations so far have come from our own communities and we expect business houses to also assist towards our emergency drive. Some have already made their donations while others have promised and have not done so yet”.

Regarding the letters from the chiefs to help the victims and the Vt1,500 fees to be paid, David says the Vt1,000 is to go towards buying food while the Vt500 fee is to assist to cover administrative costs of power, photocopy paper and other office necessities. Basically this is a good will payment and it is up to to the victim to pay it.

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