Our Fish, Our Future; Importance of Tuna in Vanuatu

Another creative imagination from one student, a tuna whose scales are photocopied Vatu notes, highlighting the high commercial value of the fish species.

By Jonas Cullwick

Tuna fish is the most commercially valuable fish in Vanuatu.

They are Ferraris of the ocean, which are sleek, fast and powerful. It is a fish that hurtle from one part of the ocean to another around the world. However, it is seen that today tuna is becoming the most valuable fish in the country because it helps people financially. Therefore this essay will discuss conserving fish in the country.

Firstly, tuna is the main source of income in the country. They are the highly valuable fish that people can benefit from. It provides employment and starts up businesses for people. For instance, people go fishing and sell their fish at the market and earn money from their sale.

Also it must be conserved because they can be exported to other countries and money can be gained from this also. Therefore, it is clearly seen that tuna fish is the most valuable fish species in the country which brings in money.

Secondly, conserving tuna reduces the imports of canned tuna. Having fresh tuna decreases the amount of money spent on imported goods such as tinned tuna. A lot of money is spent when importing goods from other countries.

So, it is good for the country to establish laws against over-fishing on tuna and also on illegal fishing in the country’s zone lines. It is also proper to build tuna canneries in the country in order for us not to import tin tuna, but spend money to import facilities and equipment to develop the country’s tuna factory. Therefore, conserving tuna reduces the imported of tin tuna, this help the economy of the country.

Lastly, tuna fish is the source of food in the country. It is the worldwide and people enjoy eating it. It also provides good meat source that contains nutrients and plays an important role in our beings such as contributing iron and calcium.

Therefore, tuna fish is one of the most delicious and proper meat which people love eating and also it provides good health benefits for people. So, it is very important to conserve tuna fish in the country.

Conclusively, tuna fish is one of the most valuable fish which needs to be conserved in the country because it provides income to our country and helps reduce the number of imported goods from other countries and also it is the main source of meat in the country.

Therefore, as the theme of the World Tuna Day states Our Fish, Our Future shows clearly that when conserving tuna, this makes life easier in the country and into the future.

(This is one of the many hundreds of contributions from Malapoa College students to the World Tuna Day displays at the Convention Centre, venue of the commemoration on Tuesday this week.)

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: jonas@dailypost.vu. Cell # 678 5460922

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