Ishmael Kalsakau

MP Kalsakau, stated this week that it will be a long walk but the end will be reached.

The Office of the Opposition has confirmed it is pursuing legal proceedings against the Members of Parliament (MP) that signed the Attestation documents on the Motion of No Confidence but verbally withdrew from it in parliament.

The Opposition Leader, MP Ishmael Kalsakau, told MPs when tabling the Motion of No Confidence in Parliament on Tuesday this week that it is a long walk but, it will reach the end.

At one point during the debate on the motion, MP Ishmael Kalsakau said he intends to clean up political mess amongst MPs during this term of parliament, implying Leadership Code.

In the meantime, comments on social media alleged to be from government MPs leveled criticism against the Opposition, alleging that the Opposition-sponsored motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, was degrading the credibility of the Opposition.

Both Government and Opposition MPs have come out publicly to state that they too look forward to a court hearing on the issue of signatures and put the matter to an end for everyone.

The Deputy Prime Minister Bob Loughman, told Parliament during the debate on the motion on Tuesday this week that the Government will introduce a motion when parliament meets next week to amend the Standing Orders so as to control ways in which calling of parliament is made.

He asked for the support of the Opposition in bringing it about.

After the failed motion on Tuesday, Mr Loughman was asked if the Government would pursue some of the allegations of misconduct in the courts.

He was non-committal, saying that the decision would have to be made by the majority—presumably meaning the Government caucus.

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