In light of the controversial decision by Marcellino Pipite last weekend to pardon himself and his 13 convicted colleagues, the Opposition appeals for calm and peace from all members of the public, as responsible authorities remedy what it dubbed as a “gross abuse of power by demagogues in government”.

In a statement to the media yesterday,the Opposition bloc says that there has been a grievous travesty of justice by members of the Sato Kilman-led Government, but assures they will not bow out, or sit idly and watch.

“The unprecedented actions are utterly irresponsible and unacceptable,” the Opposition stated.

“We understand the tension and ire of the public in Port Vila in particular, because of Pipite’s folly last weekend.

While it would also appear that Mr Pipite was attempting a veiled threat during his public address to justify his action when he abused the president’s powers, the Opposition questions his judgment and said Pipite and the others involve will not get away with it.

“One man’s period of irrationality could not, and should not be accepted as a fait accompli for anyone.”

The Opposition says it firmly believes in Vanuatu’s judicial system and institutions of governance, and that power would be fully restored back to the people, once they are given the opportunity, although it would appear democracy has been hijacked by a bunch of undisciplined delinquents.

“We acknowledge His Excellency Fr. Baldwin Lonsdale’s appeal for calm yesterday and his resolve to ensure a proper course of action is taken to restore confidence and pride in his high office- an important branch of our government, set up by our founders for such a time as this,”the Opposition bloc stated.

“The Opposition stands ready to assist him where possible.

“We also condemn the actions of Pipite in tampering with the Office of the Ombudsman, which has created further confusion within that statutory institution of state.

“This episode in our history demonstrates yet again the great need for us to advance the political reform work started during our short term in government, to ensure the dreams of our people are achieved in their pursuit of peace and happiness.”

The Opposition once again registers its disappointment with Prime Minister Sato Kilman for standing by and watching while members of his cabinet go about what they are best known for- corruption, saying”his continued silence in the face of calamity brought about by the El Nino-induced drought, and the nation’s brush with anarchy, demonstrates his incapability in running national affairs any longer”.

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