Opposition bloc’s accusations against PM false: Bule

Ahead of the motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, Tuesday next week, the Prime Minister’s Office Public Relations Officer (PRO), Hilaire Bule, has come out to state that some of the points raised against PM in the Motion of No Confidence, are false and misleading.

He made reference to three particular points.

“First, I wish to state that claim by the Opposition bloc in their sponsored motion that the Prime minister interfered with Air Vanuatu (Operations) through his instructions to employ a pilot from his home island of Pentecost who is not a qualified pilot, is totally false and misleading," he said.

"The pilot mentioned is a qualified pilot who is holder of New Zealand Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence (aeroplane).

"He also possesses a Republic of Vanuatu Commercial Pilot Licence (Professional) under the Civil Aviation Act.

"The Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers also made decision to take back ni-Vanuatu qualified and professional pilots to fill in vacant positions under the Government localization policy.

"So, the point raised by Opposition in this regard is totally unfounded and misleading.

“In relation to the hiring of a Shefa Provincial Government Council staff, to oversee construction of bungalows on Pentecost, this is also misleading.

"The Prime Minister did not interfere but allowed for the process of recruitment to take place, and for a short period and not as stated by the Opposition,” Hillaire Bule claims.

“The third I wish to clear is of the former Deputy Prime Minister that the Opposition bloc claims that the Prime Minister was harboring.

"I wish to state that one of the Opposition members allowed for a minority government to rule the country at one time, instead of allowing a democratic process to take place.

"The Opposition should take a more cautious approach before making such statements which are false and misleading to the people of Vanuatu,” said the Government PRO Bule.

The Speaker has ruled that the Opposition sponsored motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Salwai, is in order and will be debated in parliament at 4pm on Tuesday next week.

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