Operation on Ambae continues: NDMO

During the recent mass evacuation on Ambae

The Operations Manager at the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) Peter Korisa, confirmed to the Daily Post yesterday that the Operation on Ambae by the members of the Vanuatu Police and Mobile Force, will continue while the state of emergency is in place.

The operation covers both evacuation of people from Ambae and also providing safety and security for the island, the peoples’ properties, livestock, garden crops, schools, hospitals, villages on the entire Island.

“Until the state of emergency lapsed, and the national government make further decisions, the operation on Ambae continues, with the presence of the Vanuatu Police and Mobile Force, stationed on the Island, and providing surveillance by the two patrol Boats, the RVS Tukoro and Tororua,” says Peter Korisa. He said further decision by the government will be based on advice that will have to come from the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazards scientists and officials.

In the meantime, Peter Korisa said: “The international organizations and donor partners have already pledged their support in the areas of sea and air surveillance over the Island of Ambae, and it is now up to the national government to indicate when these will be needed and then be activated. Such assistance will have to be requested by the national government.”

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