Today, Thursday September 13 marks the official opening of the Vt1.2 billion Malapoa College extension project funded by the Chinese Government.

The project covers a total floor area of 12,343.7 meters square. It includes a two-storey administrative office area, teaching lab area and a living area.

The teaching lab includes two-storey buildings: teachers’ apartments with 24 classrooms, two laboratory buildings with eight science labs, staff room and a library. Each building will use corridors to connect and adopt a fish-one layout, which is a standard elementary and secondary layout.

The living facility area contains a day-students lounge building, a three-storey dormitory for the boys, a three-storey dormitory for the girls (each dormitories are capable to accommodate over 100 pupils each, a two-story teacher’s apartment, a canteen, and a multi-purpose storm proof playground with an equipment room.

Administration building on the other hand houses the principal, four deputies, six heads of departments, the receptionist, IT and bursar located right at the entrance where the college signpost is.

The project commenced in June 2016 at the request of the Vanuatu Government to boost education in Vanuatu.

Once it opens, the new Malapoa College will accommodate an even more bigger student population than the current one.

The project is design by the Yanjian Group Ltd from China as contractor, following finalization by the China Northeast Architectural Design and Research Institute Co Ltd.

According to the Project Manager Xu Qiang and Wang Yujie, Malapoa College extension project is the largest education project supported by China in the south Pacific.

The project is initiated by the current Prime Minister (PM) Charlot Salwai, during his tenure as minister of education under the leadership of then Prime Minister, late Edward Natapei.

The Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu is expected to officially hand the project to PM Salwai this afternoon.

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