Ongoing support for people with disability

Formalization of the agreement for supporting people with disability inclusion

The Vanuatu Disability Promotion and Advocacy Association (VDPA) and the Vanuatu Skills Partnership have strengthened their relationship in supporting people with disability proactively.

The two disability advocacy bodies have signed a partnership agreement to deepen their collaboration in improving the inclusion of vulnerable people in the national skills system.

Vanuatu Skills Partnership has been collaborating with key partners, government and non-government agencies to promote the participation of people with disabilities in development programs.

Its skills development activities focuses on improving the quality of life and economic situation of people with disabilities and their families.

Its continuous efforts to increase the number of people with disability in the national skills system is supported by the Australian Government Disability Inclusion Development Fund, which was launched in Vanuatu last year by  Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop.

According to Vanuatu’s National Policy on Disability Inclusive TVET 2016 - 2020, people with disabilities have the same right to access education and skills training as everyone else and VDPA plays a critical role in making this a reality.

The formalisation of the collaboration between VDPA and Vanuatu Skills Partnership will strengthen coordination in ensuring that people with disabilities are aware of the opportunities available, and that the skills system is able to deliver training in more flexible and inclusive ways.

Formerly known as TVET, Vanuatu Skills Partnership is a joint investment between the governments of Vanuatu and Australia.

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