NZ scholarships for 2019 now opens

Officers in charge of NZ scholarship programs announced application now open until March 14

Applications are now open for citizens wanting to undertake further studies next year under the New Zealand (NZ) Government scholarship scheme.

Submissions will be closed on March 14 (next month).

The NZ Government has been sponsoring the studies of Ni-Vanuatu people abroad every year since it established diplomatic ties 30 years ago.

A total of 42 men and women are awarded fully funded scholarships each year under two categories: NZ Pacific Scholarships and NZ Pacific Regional Development Scholarship.

Eighteen candidates of the NZ Pacific Scholarship are sent to educational institutions in NZ and 24 are selected for NZ Regional Development Scholarship to undertake studies in other regional institutions.

Scholarships are awarded based on the country’s human resource development priority needs such as in agriculture development, environment and resource management, education and community development, public sector management and governance, engineering and infrastructure, private sector management, renewable energy and health.

Applicants must be citizens of Vanuatu and over 18 years old.

They must demonstrate strong academic merit and leadership potential, with proposed programs relevant to the country’s priority needs.

Interested individuals in Port Vila and Luganville are encouraged to apply online. Those in remote areas can apply via paper form.

When announcing this, the NZ High Commission Office in Port Vila encouraged interested individuals to fill applications online three to seven days before the closing time in case there are technical problems (online application could crash or do not work for several hours).

Application deadline is in NZ Time.

This means February 14 midday, not midnight.

Unlike Vanuatu Government funded scholarship scheme, intakes of the NZ scholarship scheme do not face allowances delay.

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