Nurses need regular refresher training: Nalau

Mr. Erick Nalau

Nurses require regular refresher trainings to acquaint them with new methods, skills and processes required to improve their performance on their job.

Erick Nalau, Public Health Nursing Educator with the Nursing College made the statement last Friday.

He said the results of a research he undertook at the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) revealed that a lot of nurses never had any training even after working for more than 10 years on the job.

Nalau has recently completed his Master’s in Public Health Management in Japan and his aim was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of nurses in Vanuatu regarding the prevention and control of Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

As part of his 2-year program, Nalau undertook his research with 57 nurses who are based at the Vila Central Hospital and Zone 1 and Zone 2 within Shefa Province. The research revealed nurses never underwent further training to advance their skills and knowledge.

Nalau who chose the High Blood pressure as his thesis explained that 70% of deaths at the VCH are Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) related in which High Blood Pressure is one of the main contributing factors.

His research also revealed that the nurses are only equipped with at least 58% of knowledge on High Blood Pressure. He commented that nurses are very important people in society who are dealing with lives and discovering that they are do not have extensive knowledge on High Blood Pressure, a common NCD, is quite a shock.

He has recommended more advocacy on continuous education for nurses.

Nalau is part of Vanuatu’s first batch of awardees under the Pacific LEADS program, under the Japanese Government. He is thankful to the Japanese Government for making it possible to pursue his studies in Japan in the last two years.

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