Three Members of Parliament (MPs)have affiliated with the National United Party (NUP), increasing the number of NUP MPs to six. 

They are MPs Mark Ati, Kalo Seule and Alickson Vira.

MP Seule is originally a Vanuatu Green Confederation MP, MP Vira is the President of Angai Tagaro Indigenous People’s Democratic Party and he was breifly affiliated with the Reunification of the Movement for Change (RMC).

MP Ati was previously affiliated with the Vanua'aku Pati. 

NUP President, Ham Lini said the move by the three MPs further strengthens the party, ahead of the 2020 national election.

“The National United Party believes in increasing its seats on the national parliament after the 2020 national general elections," he told Daily Post.

"We require more seats in parliament to enable NUP party to realize the party fundamental policies on economic self-reliance and better social wellbeing for the people of Vanuatu as the party has always advocate."

NUP initially has three MPs- MP Ham Lini in the constituency of  Pentecost as the NUP Party President and Minister of Climate Change, MP Silas Bule, also from the Pentecost constituency and MP Bruno Lengkon from the Ambrym constituency.

The party will hold its national congress in May this year at Olal on Ambrym.

“The two main agendas of the congress will be the election of the NUP new Executive Council and the process of the party candidates for the 2020 national parliamentary election," he said.

He said the move by the three MPs has boost the political confidence in the party and with the upcoming congress and the election of the new office bearers, the party is positioned to gain more seats in the 2020 national parliamentary election.

At the ceremony at the NUP's president residence at Teouma on Sunday afternoon, the three MPs presented two mats.

The first mat was presented by MP Vira, who apoligised for differences in the last provincial election and the second 

The MPs then signed a Solidarity Agreement, pledging their commitment to work together with the current Government led by Prime Minister Charlot Salwai until the end of its term. 

With the recent development, NUP now commands a total of six MPs in Parliament, making it one of the largest political group in the national legislature.

It means NUP has the same number of MPs GJP and UMP in the coalition government. 

Daily Post was informed that the NUP President Lini and Parliamentary Secretary, MP Lengkone presented a copy of the Solidarity agreement to PM Salwai yesterday morning. 

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