The founder of the Neil Thomas Ministries, the Dr. Neil John Thomas,well known in Vanuatu as Abu Neil Thomas, passed away in Australia on December 11,2014.

A Memorial Service in his honor is being organized by the NTM Ministries of Vanuatu and will take place 3.30pm this Friday January 15, at the NTM main Center at Agathis in Port Vila.

Speaking to the Daily Post yesterday about the life of the late Dr. Neil John Thomas, the President of the NTM Ministries in Vanuatu,Reverend Tatamat Seth, said the Ministries and thousands of members of the NTM in Vanuatu has lost a great leader.

“Dr. Neil John Thomas first came to the New Hebrides prior to Independence in the late 1970, but was not allowed in and deported back to Australia. After Independence, and much prayer by the then handful of NTM members, the Vanuatu Government granted him and his family entry and resident permits in 1986 to reside and set up the Neil Thomas Ministries, formerly known then as the Holiness Fellowship.

“The vision of Dr. Neil Thomas was to establish a Christian Ministry that would balance the Spiritual and the Physical life of the people of Vanuatu. He had the desire for the people of Vanuatu to have equal right in education and better life like the Westerners.

“This resulted in the eventual set up of 130 NTM churches from the Banks and Torres down to Aneityum. Today, the NTM Ministries runs three Bible Colleges (English and Bislama), clinics in Port Vila and Luganville Santo and in the islands of Vanuatu, run training Business programs for the Ni-Vanuatu people and a Junior Secondary School in Port Vila and Luganville,” said Reverend Seth.

He added: “ The late Dr. Neil John Thomas’ wish was for the Ni-Vanuatu people to live holy christian lives as well as a healthy and better physical life. His vision as he made known throughout Vanuatu was “ Get out of Poverty” and “ Live a Healthy and Wealthy Life” which is why NTM has over the past many years strongly advocates better education for all and better living for all in both spiritual and physical life.

“ We have over 3,000 NTM members in Port Vila alone and several thousand members in 130 churches throughout Vanuatu.”

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