Not a choice but a must: MP Sala

Members of Parliament (MPs) in the current legislature, continue to provide support in terms of projects such as water supply, school upgrading, youth and sports projects, church projects, solar projects and more in their various constituencies throughout the country.

The South Malekaula Constituency MP John Sala, has just donated water project piping facilities to the Lorlow Village community in South West Malekula. He made the donations to Chief Terry Kapa, of Lorlow Village in Port Vila, who will in turn arrange for the water pipping facilities to be shipped to South West Bay, Malekula. The water pipping project will enable the Villagers to draw water right at their doorstep and even in their homes. Up to now, women have to walk distances to fetch clean water for drinking and cooking, while laundry is done in nearby rivers.

The Water project for Lorlow Village was initiated by the Youth groups from the village who called on their MP to provide the facilities to turn this into reality.

“Water is life. To me, it is the first single important commodity any human being deserved to have at all cost. I have been to these villages before and have seen women struggling with water pots and water containers day after day and week after week to keep give their families healthy drinking water and healthy cooking food. Being in the position as an MP, is not a choice but a must to commit my MP allocation in this direction,” says MP Sala.

MP John Sala, has also provided another assistance to Amelvit Primary School in Malekula. He handed over lawn mower to help upgrade the standard and quality of Amevit primary school. It was at the request of the school principal who wants to see his school springing up to a more modern education with quality that will enable his students aiming at higher level than where they are now. The mower as usual will help to maintain the environment of the school clean and tidy to enable a conducive learning environment

“Education is key to all development anywhere in the world, so it is also a must for an MP like myself to step in here with whatever assistance they need and that I can provide to advance the school realize its future objective in better quality education,” says MP Sala.

These helps are amongst past many projects that MP John Sala, has provided to communities throughout his South Malekula Constituency, since becoming an MP in 2016.


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