Chief Tirsupe

Standing on taboo stone in his own nasara, Chief Tirsupe performs prestigious custom ceremony to gain new name Chief Mol Torvak Lima — Tirsupe

By Len Garae

Custom of North West and West Coast Santo has spoken and there is nothing more to be said, now that the name of the President of Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs has been changed through custom to Chief Mol Torvak Lima – Tirsupe.

The chiefs of Chief Tirsupe’s own Wunon Village in North West of Santo bestowed on him with his new name when they honoured him with a chiefly ceremony as a conclusion to a weeklong Customary Land Management Governance Workshop in the village.

A total of 60 custom chiefs from North West and West Coast Santo representing well over 1,000 people attended the workshop.

“For the chiefs of my own village and island to honour me through this custom ceremony, is indeed a confirmation of their respect and trust in me and it is an honour that I respect them for very much,” Chief Tirsupe said.

Even the President of the Tabwemasana Council of Chiefs of Santo, Chief Liwustamata was also present to witness the prestigious ceremony.

The first of its kind workshop to arrive in the isolated Region of Santo was jointly coordinated by the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs and Customary Land Management Office.

It was the 9th workshop out of a total of 20 workshops to be organised throughout the country under the new Customary Land Act. The objective of the workshops is to help the chiefs and train the adjudicators how to hear custom land disputes under the new Customary Land Management Act.

Asked how the chiefs reacted to the workshop, Chief Tirsupe said they welcomed it and his delegation.

“They prepared well to receive my delegation and I including the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Alfred Maoh,” he said.

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