Electoral College Voting yesterday

Electoral College voting yesterday

The Electoral College will meet again today for the 4th round at 9am to elect a new President for the Republic of Vanuatu.

The result of vote in the 3rd round yesterday afternoon by the Electoral College gave candidate Tallis Obed Moses 32 votes, candidate Maxim Carlot Korman 23 votes, John Leeman 1 vote and Solomon Laurence 1 vote.

The total vote cast by the Electoral College Members during 3rd round yesterday afternoon was 57, with 1 MP being on an official overseas mission.

The number required to elect a new President is 38 or more, to elect a new President.

Earlier in the morning the Electoral College failed to elect a new President in the second round of voting.

The Electoral College met again at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon but after counting of votes, the Returning Officer, Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek, declared that no candidates secured the required number under the relevant laws of Vanuatu to the position of President.

The Electoral College will meet for the 4th round this morning at 9 o’clock to elect the new President.

Yesterday afternoon’s vote showed a deadlock with no candidate elected to the Presidency post.

It remains to be seen when the Electoral College meets this morning, if it can elect a new President, as the population of Vanuatu wait to see their new President.

But the race is now between 62-year-old Obed Moses Tallis, a Presbyterian Church Pastor from Port Vato on Ambrym and 76-year-old Maxim Carlot Korman, former prime minister of Vanuatu, from Erakor, Efate.

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