UNELCO staff had to seal off the road and re-erect the pole, seen suspended on the power lines here after the incident.

Daily Post has been reliably informed that so far, no charges have been laid against a senior police officer who was driving the Police Commissioner’s official vehicle and collided with a UNELCO utility pole at Anamburu on Saturday, June 30.

Following the publication of the accident on the Daily Post, the Office of the Commissioner of Police issued a short statement, stating it is treating the allegation seriously and that “the police officer who was involved in the accident will be interdicted from duty to allow for the full force of the law to take its course”.

An internal police investigation is now underway but the Internal Affairs Minister, Andrew Napuat confirmed to Daily Post that no charge has been laid yet against the officer involved.

Minister Napuat said he was overseas when the accident occurred, and he is now awaiting a full report before any disciplinary action could be taken.

The minister said prior the accident, Commissioner of Police (ComPol), Albert Nalpini attended a function and had some wine.

He said ComPol Nalpini then decided that it would be better for one of his officers to drive him home.

The police officer drove the Commissioner home, and he was on his way back when he narrowly missed the road and hit the light pole. Minister Napuat said that his office was made aware of the officer involved, but he is still waiting for the outcome of the police investigation.

When asked about the new penalties that he recently signed, the minister said that it may be applied in this case but only if the authorities produce evidence connected to the officer involved.

He said the penalty imposed only applies to those who cause accidents or drive under the influence of alcohol.

The minister said the Compol did not provide a report upon his request but they had a verbal conversation on the accident.

Minister Napuat agreed that the accident itself is a traffic offence. He reiterated that no one is above the law.

Judiciary sources say the officer failed to call the police when he crashed into the light pole, which it is an offence under the Road Traffic (Control) Act [CAP 29].

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