NNP appoints propose candidate for Efate by election

(front l-r) Vice President Roro Sambo and President William Malas during the launching of the New Nations Party. (File)

With the Electoral Office discussing a scheduled date for the Efate by election, the New Nations Party (NNP) that was recently established early this month in Mele village has appointed a candidate to contest in the Efate constituency by-election.

NNP Vice President, Roro Sambo said that the proposed candidate for the upcoming by-election is Pastor William Malas, who is also the President of the NNP.

Mr Sambo said that the purpose of proposing the NNP as the runner in this by-election is to allow the party and its executives to find the party’s strength in preparation towards the upcoming 2020 General Election.

The party’s vice president said that it is an opportunity to allow the people of Efate to give out their message in this by-election.

He is appealing to communities of Ifira, Pango, Erakor, Eratap, Eton, Mele, Melemaat and throughout Efate to unite and to give out their message through NNP’s proposed candidate, Ps William Malas.

He said the appeal comes in as a challenge towards the government as to find out whether the people will vote with the government or with the community in this by-election.

Mr Sambo said that it is an opportunity for the people to voice out their concerns in regards to the rising challenges inside the country. He said that the party believes that it is time to stand and unite with the fundamental ideology and preamble of the country, elaborating that all Efate constituents should unite under this program.

Mr Sambo calls for unity within the Efate constituency to address the country’s challenges and remain steadfast under the principles cited by the preamble of the Constitution of Vanuatu.

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