Over Vt400,000 was raised

towards Honiara Flood victims in a recent fund raise event by the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Staff Social Club, according to sources within the Club.

Daily Post attended the fundraiser and witnessed a large turnout of supporters for the event during late afternoon and evening.

Government officials, representatives from the private sector, NGO members, individuals as well as former Slomon Islands students contributed during the fundraising effort which was said to be successful.

The money raised was to have been presented by the MSG Social Club to the Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Fiji and Vanuatu, Patterson Oti, who attended an MSG Meeting at the time, before being sent to the Solomon Islands government.

The national government has indicated through the Prime Minister’s Office that it will decide on what form of assistance it will provide for the victims of the Honiara deadly flood.

But up to now, no indication has been made as to what form of assistance is to be given and when it will be sent to Honiara.

The daily Post could not get further comments from the government on the assistance to Honiara flood victims.

Daily Post understands that the National Disaster Management Office and the Vanuatu Red Cross Society have put a lot of effort to assist victims of the recent cyclone that swept through the northern part of Vanuatu, bringing with it heavy rains that resulted in flooding and landslides.

There were loss of lives on Santo, Malekula and Pentecost as a result of this disaster that affected the country last month.

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