New Town clerk emphasises on work ethics

New Port Vila Town Clerk, Mr. Peter Sakita (c) receiving a report from outgoing Acting Town Clerk, Mr. Ben Tabi while Mayor Albert Daniel looks on.

The new Town Clerk of the Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) has vowed to put a stop to the unauthorised use of official municipal vehicles.

Mr. Peter Sakita made this clear when he delivered his first official statement to the council and formally accepted the new position from the outgoing Acting Town Clerk yesterday afternoon.

“Starting from today, March 11 2019, I will put a stop to the unauthorised use of official vehicles, punctuality issues and work attendance,” he stressed.

Mr. Sakita said while he commended the works of the existing council staff, he will not tolerate this “illness” at the workplace.

He confirmed he will also be monitoring their performances.

“My vision is to take the council to another step. I cannot do this alone.

“I will need to work with everyone in order together to achieve this vision.”

He said he has obligations mandated by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to make a change in the council.

“Although I signed a 4-year contract, I have been given six months probation where my performance will be assessed,” he said. “Should I fail, I will be removed and replaced.”

He admitted that in order to have his vision realised, he will take “very tough measures” to ensure work ethics are maintained.

The new Town Clerk is not new in to this position as he is a former Town Clerk in the Luganville Municipal Council. He strongly appealed to the council staff to cooperate with him and the councilors and work as a team to drive the council forward.

Sakita took the opportunity to thank former Lord mayors and councils, former ministers and stakeholders which have supported the council and contributed to the current stage of the council.

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