The new Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Sato kilman, appointed his new Cabinet yesterday evening after the motion of no confidence in the former Prime Minister Joe Natuman was passed with 28 votes for and 22 votes against. Two MPs did not cast votes.

The new Government Cabinet line up as of yesterday evening include; Malekula MP Sato Kilman, Prime Minister; Deputy Prime Minister is the Port Vila MP and former Opposition Leader, Moana Carcasses who holds the portfolio of Minister of Tourism, Trade and Commerce; The Minister of Finance and Economic Management is Port Vila MP Willie Jimmy; Minister of Foreign Affairs is the Santo Rural MP Serge Vohor; the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities is Pentecost MP Tony Nari; Minister for Agriculture is the Torba MP Christopher Emelee; Minister of Lands is the Malekula MP Paul Telukluk; Minister of Health is Tanna MP Morkin Stevens; Minister for Internal Affairs is Santo rural MP Hosea Nevu; Minister of Education is Efate Rural MP Alfred Carlot; Minister of Climate Change is Tanna MP Thomas Laken;

Minister of Justice is Torba MP Dunstan Hilton; Minister of Youth and Sports Development is Shepherds Outer Island MP Toara Daniel.

The Prime Minister appointed Efate Rural MP Steven Kalsakau, as Parliamentary Secretary and stressed that this appointment is equally and most crucial with tremendous responsibility requirement in working closely with the Prime Minister’s Office.

In his short remarks following the appointments of his cabinet line up, the new Prime Minister Sato Kilman, reminded his ministers that they are to serve the country and the people of Vanuatu with their utmost best because they are elected by the people of Vanuatu for that very purpose.

He added that the new government must be seen to serve the whole and entire country and not just those supporting the political parties in the new Government.

Prime Minister Kilman said the event of the past that saw him removed and replaced by the group he has joined yesterday is now behind and the new government must work together for the good of the country and the people.

Kilman said he expects this government to be loyal, and run in a highly disciplinary manner.

He also reminded the new state ministers to prepare and plan well for the 2016 Budget; working closely with their Director Generals and head of government department and institutions as he also called on the Directors Generals to start today, first thing to brief their newly appointed ministers and ensure the new ministers become fully fledged with the developments at hand and where to go from here.

“I have four key points I wish to emphasize that I wish this new government to adhere to: (1) To be loyal and be highly disciplined; (2) Where possible must find ways to make savings but ensure service delivery is not affected but rather enhanced; (3) Better conditions for civil servants including, police, health workers and teachers; (4) Try to prove what we can do in service delivery for all the people of Vanuatu.”

The new PM urged that the new Government must act quickly from what has already been done to help in the recovery and reconstruction stages after Cyclone Pam to ensure the people of Vanuatu quickly overcome the sufferings they are facing today, as he thanked the donor partners and international and other agencies for their assistance so far and their continued support in this regard.

The prime minister announced that he will meet his new cabinet members at 10am this morning and the Government Caucus at 10.10am.

He said he will outline government development initiatives in the coming days and called upon the population of Vanuatu to support as well as work together with the new Government for the better economic and social well being for everyone.

Prime Minister Sato Kilman was elected yesterday after a motion of no confidence against former Prime Minister, Joe Natuman, went through after three MPs on the government side defected to support the motion.

The three MPs that defected were Tanna MP Morkin Stevens who is now the new Minister of Health, Santo MP Hosea Nevu who was appointed by Natuman as Minister of Justice last week and yesterday was appointed in the new lineup as the Minister of Internal Affairs and Santo MP Samson Samsen.

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