Coral reef

Coral reef in Viti Levu, Fiji

Photo: Conservation International

Conservation International (CI) and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) have entered into a financial arrangement to support further implementation of the Framework for a Pacific Oceanscape.

Through this agreement, Conservation International, a non-governmental organisation that has been working in the Pacific Islands region for around twenty years, has provided USD $225,000 to support the vision of the Framework for a Pacific Oceanscape.

This vision, defined by the Forum Leaders, is to create ‘a secure future for Pacific Island Countries and Territories, based on sustainable development, management and conservation of our ocean’.

Pacific Ocean Commissioner and PIFS Secretary General, Dame Meg Taylor warmly welcomes the support of Conservation International.

“In the Pacific, the ocean is integral to our economies, livelihoods and societies as people of the sea. This funding will help us establish the much needed support to raise awareness of the need for immediate action to protect our most precious resource.”

The new funding will be primarily used to support the Office of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner, housed in PIFS. The Office was established to support the Pacific Oceans Commissioner, to provide high level representation and advocacy of the Pacific’s ocean priorities at regional and international levels, and coordinate the implementation of the region’s ocean policy frameworks.

“CI believes in the Forum Leader’s Pacific Oceanscape initiative and has worked to support its implementation since its inception,” said Ms Sue Taei, Executive Director of CI’s New Zealand and Pacific Islands Programme.

“This new CI funding will enable the Commissioner and her staff to better engage in key regional and international ocean forums and help unite the voice of the Pacific Islands region for better management of our ocean.”

One of the Office’s first tasks under this new funding will be to finalise arrangements for the Pacific Ocean Alliance, which was launched late last year at the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States.

The Alliance seeks to bring together a group of stakeholders that is truly representative of the diverse range of interests in our oceans. It will provide effective policy coordination and implementation, facilitate regional cooperation for the high seas, and provide support for strengthening national ocean governance and policy processes.


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