MP Bule and Zone 9 ZCA cutting the ribbon to the new double classroom

By Glenda Willie

The administration and parents of pupils attending Torlie Primary School on Central Pentecost did not wait on the government to provide the service, but, displayed the true meaning of being self-reliant when they funded the construction of a double classroom worth at Vt1.6 million.

The completion of the new double classroom is seen as a major achievement for the school, as it is the first of its kind, to be completely funded by parents and administration, through fund raisers.

Officiating the opening of the double classroom recently, Member of Parliament for Pentecost, Silas Bule, who is also the Parliamentary Secretary for Education praised the community and especially the parents for recognizing education as a priority for their children and ensuring they (children) have a proper facilities and environment to study and therefore, taking up the leading role to construct the classrooms out of their own pockets.

MP Bule, who has also donated 44 pieces of iron-roofing and paints towards the school, has also acknowledged the commitment and working together in achieving a goal for a better purpose and not depending entirely on the government to provide funding for construction materials and labor.

Torlie Primary School is overcrowded and requires more space to accommodate its pupils.

The additional classrooms will help to solve the overcrowding problem in one classroom, however, according to MP Bule; the school will need another classroom and construction of the administration bloc.

While on Pentecost, Bule took the opportunity to distribute over 500 Gideon Bibles to at least seven schools.

He said he will return to Pentecost shortly to distribute the Bibles to all the rest of the schools on the island.

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