The Vanuatu Qualification Authority (VQA) has announced a historic achievement in the Post-School Education and Training (PSET) sector of Vanuatu.

This is the successful implementation of the Vanuatu Qualifications Registry (VQR). The VQR provides a central database for all PSET student and assessment details that can be access throughout Vanuatu.

It is part of the Vanuatu Quality Assurance Framework.

Managed by VQA, the web based database is designed to produce recognized national qualifications for students; monitor the quality of assessments given to students and provide advice to assessors to improve on the assessments if required; and ensure the assessments measure the performance standard specified in the national competency standards.

A live trial was conducted with the first PSET provider uploading information for accredited training delivered in the provinces of Torba and Tafea.

With the support of the Australian Government funded ‘Skills for Economic Growth Program’, the Vanuatu Institute of Technology (VIT) was engaged to provide accredited construction training at Sola on Vanua Lava and North Tanna.

VIT Construction Trainers Steward Moli, Noel Buleval and Elia Tabisab delivered the BCCP0211 unit.

They facilitated a basic construction project from the recently approved Certificate II in Building Construction (General Construction) qualification.

The North Tanna construction training program was conducted in collaboration with the Tafea TVET Center and Red Cross.

It involved the construction of a new kindergarten using a design endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

The program provided valuable technical skills and knowledge for 26 participants.

15 participants of the training were offered employment by Red Cross after the training.

On Sola, trainees constructed a market house. The project is supported by the Australian Government funded Direct Aid Program and the Torba TVET Centre.

Following the completion of all construction trainings, VIT trainers undertook professional development on how to enter details and upload information.

VIT is the first national training provider to have its trainers use the system.

Other registered providers are encouraged to use the system as part of their commitment to quality-assured, demand driven training.

VIT trainer Moli said: “VQR is very useful for providers to store information safely for future purposes”.

VQR signals a positive step for the future success of Vanuatu’s PSET sector as it responds to priority skills demands ensuring that training providers deliver skills development that promotes economic growth and improve livelihoods.

According to the VQA Chief Executive Officer David Lambukly, a local database developer was hired to develop the VQR.

The achievement was possible through the collaboration of PSET stakeholders and trainees who participated in the first accredited training with the national training packages.

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