NBV Launches ATM At North Efate

RBV Governor,Simeon Athy (left) cuts ribbon to the new ATM, witnessed by NBV CEO, Geoff Toone. Photo: National Bank of Vanuatu

Fern Napwatt

The National Bank of Vanuatu has officially launched its ATM machine in a rural setting at Emua NBV Branch in North Efate on February 1.

The Chief Executive Officer of NBV, Geoff Toone said that the launching of the ATM showed the importance NBV has placed on its clients especially in the rural settings in Vanuatu.

“NBV is owned by you (customers) thus our slogan of ‘Vanuatu’s Own Bank’, for us rural Efate and rural Vanuatu is very very important to us we see huge opportunities for the bank to grow with the community, for the community into the future,” he said.

“And part of that is about updating our branches and making sure that they look neat and they represent well in the community and then on top of that is making sure that we have the right banking facilities that help your community do their banking as needs be and increase trade and opportunity for each and everyone of you out here in this part of Efate.”

Mr Toone revealed that NBV realises that an ATM is important and it is the only ATM in that part of the island and is the only bank ATM in rural Efate.

“So what that means is that you will be able to access your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as you see fit here to make transactions and support your family which is really important, we also hope that for all the people travelling around the island, they stop off here, grab a little money from the ATM and they spend it in your community,” he said.

“This is the 17th ATM in the country and we’ve increased around 30% coverage in the last 12 months, most of the ATMs are brand new and we expect them to be online 24 hours a day and seven days a week so you can access your money, so from an electronic banking point of few, this is really important to us.”

Mr Toone took the chance to also encourage the people of Emua using NBV passbooks to move to using plastic cards that is safe, flexible and can be used anywhere in and out of Vanuatu and can be used at night when the branch is closed.

The Governor of Reserve Bank of Vanuatu, Simeon Athy who was invited to the occasion, revealed that the new development of the launching of the ATM has added to many positive impacts that have taken place for the people of Emua and other surrounding areas of North Efate.

“It is important for everyone to take note that all the commercial banks have complied under the Financial Institution Act to safeguard the money of its clients and to make sure that the money of the clients are ‘withdrawable’,” he said.

“That said, make sure you decide well where you want to bank your money and not falling to ‘false promises’ of some institutions that do not comply with the law because you are risking your money and your life savings.”

Efate rural MP, Jerry Kanas has also acknowledged the NBV for the initiative and choosing the area of Emua to be the first to launch an ATM that will set the path for other rural areas in the future.

“I want to make an appeal to the chiefs, elders of the community and everyone to please look after this new facility to enable access to the services it was meant to provide,” he said.

The new ATM was officially launched by the governor RBV at the end of the official launch program, witnessed by people of Emua, surrounding villages and faithful clients of the NBV Emua Branch.

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