People’s Bank

By Len Garae

If there is one commercial bank that understands the heart and soul of its customers and goes down to their level to help them invest in the most lucrative agricultural projects then it has to be the National Bank of Vanuatu.

One of its senior officers left Port Vila to travel to Pentecost yesterday, to run a workshop for 60 potential RSE workers through Business Skills Development and Book Keeping.

This training is important to help them to invest their earnings in rural economic development when they return home New Zealand.

NBV not only runs a highly effective literacy training in isolated rural communities of the country, it also offers responsible young people the opportunity to travel to work under RSE in New Zealand then on their return, the workers are expected to pay back the money NBV has spent on their travel, and use the training they have learned in the bank’s training programmes to invest their earnings in profit making businesses.

Speaking for the bank, NBV Marketing Officer, Karen Mahina Ben, says the bank has been running its success story programmes for the last two and half years now.

Asked to estimate how many RSE workers have benefited from the facility, she answers with a smile, “More than a thousand in two and half years”.

For those RSE Agents who have sent more workers to New Zealand, the Marketing Officer says many of the workers are also NBV customers.

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