Jeff Patunvanu (l) and Zacheous Tosu (r)

Jeff Patunvanu (l) and Zacheous Tosu (r)

The Nagriamel political movement has appointed a new Chairman for the SANMA Province and offshore islands.

He is Zacchaeus Tosu, from Fanafo, Santo. The new chairman has spent his life working closely with his political peers in the Nagriamel movement.

With two Members of Parliament (MPs) in the current coalition government, the Nagriamel political movement, now plans to secure more seats in parliament after the 2020 general elections.

Chairman Tosu's immediate plan is to mobilize all members of the Nagriamel movement in SANMA, regain the confidence and support of the people in preparations towards this objective.

“Our long term objective is for a realistic economic and social welfare policy for the people of Vanuatu," said Tosu.

"We believe in the full utilization of our land and marine resources. We want the best policy in developing and managing our land to produce and yield maximum benefit through agriculture, livestock, forestry and as well as marine resources towards self-economic sufficiency and local and overseas market,” he said.

He said while other political parties are concentrating on political reforms, Nagriamel must focus in mobilizing the people who own land on Santo and elsewhere in Vanuatu to redirect their attention and efforts, by developing all the land they have for economic self-reliance.

The new SANMA chairman added: “Vanuatu is now 28 years old. It must stop extending its arms for foreign handouts. The people of Vanuatu must first of all look at how they can survive economically without begging too much. We have enough land and must seek the best ways to protect our land and develop this ourselves for short and long term economic needs of our people. We must start now".

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