My name is Willie Sandy Albert but I am nicknamed Willie Wilson after my boss.I am 83 years of age, married with eight children- five females and three males; 15 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.I am originally from the island of Paama.

On February 7, 1957 I was employed by an Australian businessman by the name of Mr. Gefferey Wilson who managed the business affairs of Burns Philip in Luganville, Santo, the biggest island in the Republic of Vanuatu.

On September 1958, Mr Gefferey Wilson was transferred to Port-Vila on Efate Island in Central District Number 2 then New Hebrides and on 30th November 1958 I was invited by Mr. Gefferey Wilson to accompany them for three months holiday in Australia. While in Australia we lived in rental flats owned by another prominent businessman who was also from Australia and lived in Sydney by the name of Mr. Marnas.

Mr. Marnas owned a large coconut and a huge cattle grazing plantation on a suburb north of Luganville town, the second town of the republic of Vanuatu. He also owned a trading vessel named Tuwtcan.

We returned to New Hebrides and stayed for another three years laboring for Burns Philip and when three years lapsed I accompanied Mr. Wilson and his family for a second three months visit to Australia this time we lived in Manly.

In our first visit we witnessed the commencement of the construction of the Opera House and on our second visit the construction was on its final stage of completion.

Mr. Gefferey had another brother who lived in north Sydney Leanne Cove by the name of Mr. Don Wilson. He had two boys, they were Brian and Peter.

We returned to New Hebrides and three months later Mrs. Gefferey died and Mr. Wilson was transferred to Labasa in Fiji to manage another Burns Philip company.

Mr. Wilson made an agreement with George Heka who replaced Mr. Wilson in Luganville, Santo, New Hebrides that when he left I will work in the Burns Philip Bulk Store.

I was further employed for another four years and returned to my home island on Paama to marry my wife.

I had five girls and three boys. The elder were White, Timas, Simon, Jenny and Rachel. White had four girls, Timas had one boy and one girl, Simon had two boys and one girl, Jenny had three boys and last but not least Rachel had two boys and one girl. My wife Esther died in 1983.

Four years later I married another wife who is Vilok from my own home island.

We had three beautiful girls, Annies, Eva and Susan. Annies had one boy, Eva had one boy married to a boy from Malo another adjacent island on the south coast of Espiritu Santo and Susan had a boy friend also from Malo.

Jonas Cullwick, a former General Manager of VBTC is now a Senior Journalist with the Daily Post. Contact: Cell # 678 5460922

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