Main Gate Mr Price

An impression of what the Mr Price outlet next to Tana Russet would look like, with a fountain at the front that is currently being completed.

After months and the challenges that come with setting up a business in a foreign land, Mr Price is set to be launched in the not-too-distant future.

In a letter to the Directors of Mr Price, dated June 21, 2018, from the Minister of Internal Affairs (also the Minister responsible for Labour matters), Andrew Napuat rescinded (with conditions) the revocation of the 21 non-citizen temporary work permits by the Commissioner of Labour, as was published in an article by the Daily Post on June 7, 2018.

Minister Napuat emphasized the mutual benefits created by facilitating investment opportunities as well as the importance of creating employment for local citizens and the promotion of Vanuatu’s localization policy, and as such, Mr Price will provide employment for between 70 and 100 Ni-Vanuatu workers.

Mr Napuat also noted that Mr Price is quite a substantial investment: in bringing in assorted goods which will allow for much needed competition, providing skills transfer by its technical staff as well as contributing significantly to the national economy.

So, now it’s official! Mr Price will soon be coming to Port Vila, with the approval and support of the Government of Vanautu.

There will be two main Price outlets- the ex-Van2017 office opposite Boucherie Traverso will house the furniture and electronics departments as well as the company’s headquarters while on the harbour, opposite the Tana Russet complex, everything else will be sold there.

The owners say the mall-like complex on the harbor promises to be a place of excitement for everyone.

There will be many stalls with each one selling a particular type of clothing, as well as a food court and seating for those who wish to take in the scenery while enjoying a meal. The fun part is that this complex will stay open late into the night, providing something extra and different to do in the evenings.

As is so aptly named, Mr Price promises to provide even the lowest income earner the opportunity to not only be able to afford the great quality goods that they once could not, but also to choose from the broad selection and variety on offer.

If you’re looking to buy quality, affordable goods like clothing, electronics, furniture, cosmetics, shoes, bags and many more, look no further than Mr Price, the owners said.

The Directors, management and staff of Mr Price convey their gratitude to the Government through the Minister of Internal Affairs and the people of Vanuatu for their continuous support and they look forward to building on the great working relationship that they already have.

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