MP Albert Williams

MP Albert Williams (Photo supplied)

The Member of Parliament for Ambrym , Albert Williams, in Malampa Province, has stated that he and other MPs from Malampa and Torba provinces are not happy that Prime Minister Charlot Salwai has disadvantaged their MPs from holding executive positions in government.

In stating his reasons, MP Williams pointed out that Malampa Province has 12 MPs in Parliament and Torba two yet, none of their MPs is given a ministerial portfolio. He gave examples of Sanma and Tafea, saying the two provinces have as high as four MPs holding ministerial portfolios while Malampa and Torba do not have any MPs in the current executive arm of the country.

“Malampa has a total population of over 30,000 people and Torba with over 10,000 people and in terms of number of MPs in parliament, Malampa has 12 MPs altogether and Torba two, yet none of the MPs from the two Provinces are given Ministerial portfolios which is to us, unfair,” said MP Albert William.

He went on to state that: “We believe that it would be fair if Malampa and Torba are given ministerial portfolios.

"Example, one ministerial portfolio was given to an MP from Malampa only to be removed again in the case of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this is the same in the case of the Ministry of Health.

"So, to us, Malamap is just being used as a swinging chair which to us is not fair,” said Williams.

“We are calling on Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, to re-consider the arrangements of executive sharing or ministerial portfolio sharing to ensure that both Malampa and Torba are not totally left out because our people feel they are left of in so far as decision making process at the executive level of the country goes,” concerned Malampa MP Albert Williams pointed out.

On the question of what they intend doing if the Prime Minister does not respond to their call, MP Albert Williams said this is a simple call to the Prime Minister for fair sharing of the ministerial portfolios.

“It’s none more than a note of concern we wish to publicly express to the Prime Minister for what we see and believe as unfair sharing of portfolios in the executive arm of the country and, in lack of the voice of the people of Malampa and Torba at the executive level,” he said.

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As a member of Parliament you are a voice of representation of your province in the national level. What more do you want?

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