Iauko Group Interim President and Infrastructure Minister Tont Nari welcomes MP Namel back into the Iauko bloc

Iauko Group Interim President and Infrastructure Minister Tony Nari, welcomes MP Richard Namel, back inot the Iauko bloc

Member of Parliament (MP) for Tanna, Richard Namel joined the Iauko Group yesterday, increasing the number of Government MPs to 29.

In a custom reconciliation ceremony in Port Vila yesterday evening, MP Namel, presented a pig, kava,mat and calico to the Interim President of the Iauko Group and Minister for Infrastructure and Public Utilities Tony Nari, saying the people who voted him into parliament asked him to join the Government led by Prime Minister Sato Kilman.

“It is the wish of the people who elected MP Richard Namel into Parliament to to the Iauko Group and the Government side because they want to see development in their areas,” MP Namel’s spokesman and the chairman of the MP’s Committee reiterated to the interim president of the Iauko Group. MP Namel assured Minister Nari that he will support and remain with the current Government for the rest of its term.

In his response, the Iauko Group Interim President and Infrastructure Minister Tony Nari, said he was pleased with the decision by MP Namel.

“MP Namel, was part of the Iauko Group before and today we welcome him back into the bloc. I have stressed before and wish to stress again this evening that is time, we the young politicians stand united and come to understand one another better so that we can work together in leading the nation forward into the future when our turn comes to do so,” he said. He said the Iauko bloc will continue to strive towards gaining more seats in Parliament in 2016,especially the young politicians of Vanuatu to lead the nation into the future for the well being of the people today and the future young generation of Vanuatu.

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