MP announces tuition support, donates 1 tonne cement to community

Mat exchange between councilor Sepa and MP William to move out from Leaders Party and affiliate with GJP

By Anita Roberts

Graon mo Jastis Party (GJP) MP for Rural Efate, Gillion William, wanted to make a difference in lives when he took a day off from his tight schedule to visit a small community under his constituency last Friday.

He travelled to Emau, an island north of Efate with one tonne cement for the Marou community, to respond to a request by chief George Naupat.

The community is constructing its new permanent community hall with its own funds and requested assistance from the MP.

MP Gillion not only delivered one tonne cement but also announced financial support for parents struggling with school fees.

As part of the GJP Scholarship Scheme on Efate, the MP handed Vt84,000 to the newly established GJP Committee on Emau.

The GJP scholarship scheme benefits students with good academic performance who are facing financial problems.

MP William also donated a new guitar for the village local string band group.

In addition, a custom ceremony was initiated by the Councilor Kaltau Sepa, representing the island in the Shefa Provincial Government Council, on behalf of the community to move out from Leaders Party and join GJP.

Councillor Sepa said the decision to change his political affiliation is the choice of his voters. He said he is moving to GJP with the whole community.

MP William thanked the people for their decision and welcomed them to GJP.

Councilor Sepa and MP William exchanged mats to seal the agreement.

The event was witnessed by the Councillor from Lelepa/Moso, Bill Jimmy and Councillor of Efate Rural, George Kalkaua.

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