A Council of Ministers (COM) sanctioned decision to the Minister of Finance and Economic Management will result in Vt1million each released to the 52 Members of Parliament to equip them to assist their constituents rebuild their lives in the aftermaths of cyclone Pam.

Daily Post was told this is not additional funds injected into the MPs’ accounts but advance payments of their annual MP allocations of Vt500,000 per quarter.

Government Public Relations Officer, Kiery Manassah, says this sum will be released in two parts.

“Each of the 52 MPs received Vt500,000 released to their individual accounts as of last Friday,” he explained.

The 2nd payment of Vt500,000 each will be deposited into their accounts on Friday, April 10.

This payment is an advance from the MPs’ allocation for the first and second quarter of 2015 which only began on Wednesday.

A prominent Port Vila MP says the advance payment of the allocation is a good initiative and timely, putting the MPs in a better position to meet the needs of the people to recover from the disaster wrought by cyclone Pam.

Meanwhile in government related news, Prime Minister Joe Natuman, Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities Esmon Saimon, Minister of Education Bob Loughman and Tanna MP Richard Namel were on Tanna on Thursday for the groundbreaking ceremony by the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), the Chinese construction company rolling out road construction works in Tanna and Malekula.

CCECC staff on Tanna went through the Cyclone Pam and their campsite was badly damaged but that did not deter the CCECC team from advancing with the groundbreaking ceremony as the people of Tanna, propped with generous international support started rebuilding their lives, rising from the destruction left by Pam.

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