Motion To Be Debated Today

The Opposition-sponsored Motion against Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, will be debated in parliament today at 4pm.

In the meantime, both the Government and the Opposition bloc claim to have numbers.

The Government claims to have 33 Members of Parliament (MPs) on its side to defeat the Motion as the Opposition also claims to have 30 Members of Parliament (MPs) on its side to topple Prime Minister Charlot Salwai.

Yesterday morning in Parliament it was evident that more MPs were sitting on the Government side than that of the Opposition side.

The Government bloc claimed last week that it had 33 MPs on its side when it celebrated the Unity Day, while the Opposition claimed it has numbers and maintained 30 over last weekend.

On Friday last week when Parliament convened, the Government commanded 30 MPs that were present in Parliament with 18 MPs on the Opposition side.

However, the Opposition on the same day, claimed that the number it commanded will increase on Tuesday to 30, as the Government said it maintains 33 MPs.

It remains to be seen today at 4pm, if numbers will shift and in what direction and whose favor- the Government or the Opposition.

When asked yesterday what numbers it commands, the Opposition Leader MP Ishmael Kalsakau, remarks, “we’ll see tomorrow”.

At the end of yesterday afternoon, the Government maintained it has 33 MPs on it side while the Opposition also claims it has 30 MPs.

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