Nambo and plaque

Nambo Moses as Chairman of POETCOM, presenting plaque to Samoa PM Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, with palque in recognition of his contributions to organic farming

“The Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, is undoubtedly the only Head of Government in the entire Pacific Region who is also an organic farmer and uses his resources to act on it to make sure it is achieved.

“If all Heads of Governments in the Region could act on what they say, I believe our entire Pacific Region would now be exporting many more organic products”.

The former Chairman of Pacific Organic Ethical Trade Community (POETCOM) and current Deputy Principal of Small Animals Officer, Nambo Moses, makes the statement while showing a picture of himself presenting a plaque to the PM of Samoa last year, in recognition and appreciation of his dedication to walking the talk by making sure that he has workers on his farm producing vegetables and greens and farming taro for organic export to New Zealand and coconut trees for organic oil.

Asked to explain how our islands would be like if we had all gone organic, Moses replies, “Our world would be a much better, greener place for visitors to come to enjoy.

“For example, we are going to Emae for our Government to declare the Island ‘Organic’ so while I am no longer the Chairman of POETCOM, I am still a Board Member and I am pushing PM Sailele’s call to go organic by running a training workshop at the Shepherds Mini Agriculture Show (SMAS) at Tapakoro for all interested farmers to attend.

“This workshop will tell Emae farmers not to use chemical fertilizers but to tell them what to use to pave the way towards declaring Emae an organic island. I am doing that after next week”.

Moses says this is one of the reasons for hosting the Mini Agriculture Show on Emae in line with the theme, ‘Eat organic, grow local, grow trade’.

Asked his opinion of SMAS, he said, “A family on Emae wants to declare the whole island organic and they are working with us at the SPC (South Pacific Community through POETCOM) so I have written a project proposal for them to gradually progress from where they are today to become an organic island and the first island in Vanuatu to be declared ‘an organic island’.

Asked his message to the people of Vanuatu regarding the importance of being organic, he replies, “My message to the people of Emae and Vanuatu on the topic is to become conscious of the importance of our health because good health determines our entire life.

The more you eat healthy food, your life improves and you become both physically as well as mentally fit to be able to work without any worry as you enjoy living a healthy life and a long lifespan”.

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