More than 200 awarded VanGov scholarship for 2018

A total of 218 ni-Vanuatu have been shortlisted to undertake further studies in 2018, next year under the Vanuatu Government Scholarship Scheme.

The government, through the National Scholarships and Training Board (NSTB), selected these awardees based on the scholarship human resource framework that addresses the country’s development needs.

This year, the scholarship selection board has awarded intakes based on four categories.

These are: (1)Students selected to study Diploma in Agriculture at Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC), (2) Students selected to study Tourism and Hospitality (Vanuatu Bilingual Higher Studies),(3)PhD, Master, Postgraduate and undergraduate students (noncurrent) and (4) Year 13 anglophone students selected with NO program and institution.

The scholarships offered to year 13 and year 14 school leavers are merit based therefore, students must meet certain criteria to be considered.

According to the scholarship lists provided by the NSTB, a total of 40 year 14 francophone students have been selected to undertake studies in various areas of demand.

For year 13 anglophone students, 17 were awarded scholarships for diploma studies in tourism and hospitality and another 43 will undertake diploma studies in agriculture at VAC on Santo.

Sixty-two applicants are selected for the noncurrent student category. These are citizens who are already employed and want to return for further study.

The names of year 13 anglophones students that were selected with no program and institution on the list totals up to 56.

Lately the government of Vanuatu have begun prioritising the year 13 and year 14 school leavers than students at the University of the South Pacific (USP) with its scholarship scheme.

This is because these young scholars are the cream of the nation’s young minds. Therefore, the government through its scholarship scheme provides education opportunities and financial support to keep nurturing them until they return back to the country to work after their education.

The government has been spending over Vt500 million on scholarships every year. In 2015, it granted nearly 600 scholarships.

This year’s number of scholars may be lower compared to previous years.

The list is determine by the annual budget level of the government, the Principal Education Officer (PEO) of the Scholarships Unit at the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), John Kaltau, told the Daily Post.

Meanwhile, the awardees have attended their briefing at the MOET Conference room yesterday (Friday).

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