PSC Chairman Martin Mahe

PSC Chairman Martin Mahe addressing the newly Secretaries General and Town Clerks

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has successfully facilitated and formally signed employment contracts with the newly appointed Secretaries General and Town Clerks last Thursday (7th March 2019).

The signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In his official address, PSC Chairman Mr Martin Mahe acknowledges the PSC and the Department of Local Authorities staff who were engaged with the selection process, in successfully facilitating the appointments of the Secretaries General and Town Clerks.

The PSC chairman acknowledges feedback from rural communities on the standard of service delivery they are being offered by the Government of Vanuatu.

He said, “the Public Service Commission supports the government’s decentralisation policy and will strive to ensure quality service delivery in Vanuatu”.

As part of the government’s decentralisation policy, the PSC Chairman announced that he will be leading a high delegation of Directors General from all Government Ministries to all provincial centres throughout Vanuatu within the first quarter of this year.

The planned visit will purposely provide an alternative platform for the people through the provincial councils to directly convey to the delegation, their feedback on the quality of service they are being offered.

It will also be an opportunity for provincial councils to present their work plans focusing on selective targeted areas as determined by the Local Area Councils, and in the process identify opportunities the government through the Public Service Commission can capitalise on, to guarantee productivity and efficiency in its service delivery.

The PSC Chairman reiterates that more services will be decentralised this year to alleviate the common challenges throughout Vanuatu.

Mr Mahe calls for boldness on the newly appointed Secretaries General and Town Clerks to deal with issues that arise within their jurisdictions.

While congratulating them, Chairman Mahe said as Secretaries General and Town Clerks they must uphold and facilitate the decisions of the respective councils they are appointed to represent.

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