MOH focuses on Decentralization and Role Delineation Policy

Director of the Health Corporate, Planning and Policy Department, Dr Samuel Posikai.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) will be putting more focus on the Government’s Decentralization Policy and the Health’s Role Delineation Policy this year.

Director of the Corporate, Planning and Policy Department, Dr Samuel Posikai said this means every health service in Vanuatu especially in rural facilities, dispensaries, aid posts, health centers and hospitals.

This includes training hospitals, referral and provincial hospitals.

Director Posikai said the MOH has put together a program to visit all the directors, Directors General and the Minister, starting this week.

Part of the plan will see the MOH delegates visiting all six provinces. Dr Posikai said they will be in Tafea Province for two days, basically to review the plans of the provincial health services and administrators and also look at ways to better improve curative and hospital services.

The MOH trip which begin on Monday will conclude at the end of the month. The Director said they will meet with the Provincial health administrators, Acting Superintendents, senior nurses and doctors and from there will work out how the MOH can filter out services carried out in the national referral hospital.

He mentioned that last year, the MOH recruited provincial administrators with the support of the Public Service Commission. This month, the MOH will recruit the medical superintendents in the local hospitals as well as managers for the Public Health and provinces.

“Last year, we managed to recruit HR officers, provincial financial officers and from there, all services within provided in the national hospital can be referred in the provinces,” he said.

“For e.g advertising staff positions. With this, the MOH executive will make sure, services are focused on the decentralization level in the remote areas and slowly move in.

“One of the policies launched last year is the Role Delineation Policy, which focuses on what type of services a specific health center should or can provide. Sometimes the public expectations are so big they tend to forget the processes the government deals with, but slowly, towards 2020, people will start to recognize the developments and improvement of the health services.”

Dr Posikai confirmed that in this quarter of the year, the Health service executive will travel down to all provinces and facilities with the policies and objectives and see what the challenges are and also to implement the Role Delineation Policy.

He said they will consult with staff on challenges faced within the provinces.

The Director pointed out that the government always endorse and improve policies but the implementation of these policies is something that is totally different and the MOH will work on how to filter out the services.

He said that overall, this year 2019, the MOH will be focusing on these two policies and improve aid posts, dispensaries and hospitals with the right human resources and facilities.

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