Mobilization of equipment and materials for VAIP

The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) and Northwest Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group JV are continuing with their three-month mobilization period, as they make all necessary preparations before the rehabilitation works can commence on the country’s main international gateway at Bauerfield.

The first shipment of key equipment and machinery arrive next week.

Since the last update, the contractors have faced some difficulty nailing down the first option for the laydown site.

Currently, they are working in earnest to finalise negotiations towards the second option, now that some of the works equipment are only days away from arrival.

Once these are properly concluded and approved, including all other necessary planning documents pertaining to the environment and traffic management, then the contractors can be granted right of access to the site to commence advanced preparations for actual rehab works.

The actual works on the runway cannot begin until these preparatory works have been concluded and signed off on by the project management team, now led by Mr. Harrison Toar Luen, project manager and interim engineer appointed by the government to oversee current critical preparatory works.

“Similar preparatory works for the laydown site on Santo have progressed well without much difficulty,” said Mr. Luen.

Meanwhile, an announcement is expected shortly of the supervising engineers for the project, once the World Bank has issued a no-objection letter regarding the recommended company sole-sourced by the government to provide engineering supervision on the works.

The World Bank-funded Vanuatu Aviation Investment Project (VAIP) is being overseen by the Vanuatu Project Management Unit (VPMU) and the government who are right behind project management teams because of the critical importance of the project to the economy, to ensure works commence on schedule, and are completed within the bounds of the contract signed in May this year.

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