MIPU appeals for patience with road works

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (MIPU) is stepping up its efforts this year to address all major road networks that serve the main economic centres of the country.

However such undertakings will not happen just yet until the weather conditions improve and PWD mobile units are able to deploy to the various areas already identified.

In the meantime, the Ministry is busy preparing tender documents towards addressing some of the most pressing road networks of the country, including the South Santo roads, which to date has been a major point of concern for road users. PWD, working through at least four mobile units are busy stockpiling materials in preparation for the major upgrading works.

Infrastructure and Public Utilities have issued an advise that PWD will continue to monitor the weather conditions and will only decide major interventions when the need arise.

The advice also stated that any road maintenance works during wet weather conditions are not worth the effort and could be a waste of valuable Government resources.

A moist subsurface does not help bonding with any bitumen seal, said a MIPU statement.

More than Vt1billion has been allocated by the Government towards road improvements and maintenance throughout the country.

Commencing in January, so far Etas roads have been fixed, while Samasama and Mele Maat towards North Efate have been addressed. PWD will continue those efforts when the weather cooperates.

The Ministry of Public Utilities is leaning on road users to be patient.

Meanwhile, members of the public who might have been wondering about the incomplete sealing works at Tagabe roundabout can rest assured that this work will be completed, with works recommencing yesterday.


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