Ministry receives report on Teacher misconduct at Matevulu college

The Ministry of Education & Training (MoET) has received reports that during the last two weeks teachers at Matevulu College chased students and threatened them under the heavy influence of alcohol.

The Director of Education Services Roy Obed has spoke out against such actions.

“As Director responsible for schools, I wish to state my deepest disappointment over the behaviors of teachers who indulged themselves in alcohol inside school premises and in some instances under the influence of alcohol, behave in such a way that the welfare of students were at stake. I am requesting the Principal of Matevulu Collage and all other Schools to pass on the message to the teachers who have such records”.

All teachers are expected to show respect for law and order and to display clear conscious of ethical principles in undertaking their role while in school.

Teachers have the noble duty and responsibility to shape and mold sound law abiding, industrious citizens who will contribute to the overall development of the country. Thus, any such behavior, which falls below these expectations, will not be tolerated.

Teachers are strongly reminded that such actions will be dealt with seriously, if a full report is submitted to the MoET.

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