Ministry of Justice denounces violence against women

The Ministry of Justice and Community Services (MOJCS) has publicly denounced violence against women and girls, in all forms.

“The Ministry of Justice and Community Services is deeply concerned by the recent increase in reported violent attacks on women across Vanuatu, particularly the case of the late Alice Karis,” Minister of Justice and Community Services, Ronald Warsal conveyed in a statement yesterday.

“The persistent high levels of violence that are inflicted by men against women and girls is of great concern and demands much needed attention and action.

“Violent attacks on women are unacceptable and a criminal act under national law.

“Violence against women and girls violates a woman’s fundamental human rights.

“Furthermore, violence against women deprives families and communities of the opportunity to grow and be enriched by women’s active participation and contribution.

“All women have the right to feel safe in their own homes, communities and public places.”

The Justice Minister said the focus should be on destroying the deeply entrenched and harmful attitudes that lie at the heart of violence against women and girls, not on restricting and controlling women’s and girls’ behavior and mobility.

“Men do not have the right to violently attack women under any circumstance,” he stated.

“The blame for any act of violence rests solely with the men who are the perpetrators. They need to be held accountable for their choice to hit, to rape, to verbally harass or to intimidate.

“Men committing violence against women and girls is to be denounced and actively resisted by everyone, including community leaders, religious leaders and the wider population of Vanuatu.

“Through collective opposition and collaboration, we can open a dialogue which allows us to work together towards the central goal of ending violence against all women and girls.”

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