The Ministry of Health has conducted a meeting yesterday at the Nasama Resort to analyze and discuss the implementation of its first ever Clinical Service Plan.

The meeting brought together Health Directors, Senior Doctors, LAB officers and provincial representatives to address and share challenges faced within the Health sectors and how the Ministry can improve services where doctors can help out.

Director of the Department of Corporate Services, Policy and Planning, Dr. Posikai Samuel Tapo said the meeting brings together health officials to review the Clinical Service plan draft before its launching.

Mr. Tapo says consultation from staff, doctors and technical officers will be included in the draft plan.

Dr. Tapo further elaborated that the Clinic Services Plan will come as a guideline for all health workers in Vanuatu and also towards voluntary partners to effectively decentralize service deliveries to communities within the country. He also commented that in the past, many Health representatives and organizations get tangled up with types of services to be distributed especially in an emergency crisis.

Dr. Tapo said that such confusions lead to lack of service delivery to communities and those in real need. However the Clinical Service Plan is set to change this, it will guide health workers and partners to carry out what kind of service delivery is needed, and specific roles for individuals to carry out. It is a roadmap to guide clinical service development in Vanuatu for over the next 5-10 years.

Dr. Tapo said the initiative is part of the government’s plan and the Health office in meeting its target by 2020 and aims to improve all functional clinical services within Vanuatu to respond better to health needs.

“People nowadays tend to neglect health centers and seek consultations from the main hospital, even with small cases such as flu. Such behaviors can cause an imbalance with those with serious conditions waiting to get treated and whom may have traveled a long distance to get treated,” Dr Tapo said.

With the Clinical Service Plan in place, all health centers will work according to the guidelines. If a case is serious, then workers can consult for an appointment at the Vila Central Hospital. It will also provide leadership for all health officers in Vanuatu when dealing with NGO’s and private organization voluntaries in Vanuatu.”

He added the plan will also define the services offered in all health centers across the country. He appeals to the public to always approach them.

Director of Curative and Hospital Services, Dr. Santus Wari, said this is a milestone for the country since Independence and this plan will also guide working conditions and organize services.

“The plan will give local authorities the leadership to lead the way for service delivery. Today we are here to lay the basis for the work into the future, providing eligible and sustainable service delivery,” said Dr. Wari.

He concluded by saying the plan will allow local authorities to follow what the country feels eligible to address the challenges and gaps.

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