Senior education officials during the two-day workshop have deliberated on advancing teachers’ qualification

By Anita Roberts

Upgrading the qualification of teachers across Vanuatu was the main issue discussed in a workshop that was recently held in Port Vila by senior education officers.

Advancing teachers qualification can improve teaching, learning practices and salary benefits.

In regards to the teachers’ constant complaints of unpaid salaries, the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), through its chairman, Derick Alexander, has announced during the recent World Teachers Day that it has completed review of the existing national recognised teacher’s salary scale.

He said the new salary scale will see an increment based on experience and qualification.

The review will be passed to the Government Remuneration Tribunal under the Prime Minister’s Officer before getting approved by parliament.

Not only for teachers but review has also been done on the salary scales for police, nurses and other civil servants.

During the workshop, officials from TSC, Vanuatu Institute of Teachers Education (VITE) and the Vanuatu Qualification Authority (VQA) have talked about developing a 5 to 10 year plan to enhance teaching quality.

The Minister of Education, Jean Pierre Nirua, said the workshop was held at a right time when the education strategy is under review.

This review will support that national sustainability plan, he added. Minister Nirua stressed that there is a need to increase the number of Ni-Vanuatu educators in the tertiary sector with higher qualifications.

The Director of Education Services, Roy Obed, emphasized the importance of quality teaching and the commitment that has to be made by teachers to gain recognition. He said teachers are special human resources of the country.

The two-day workshop held at Melanesian Hotel was funded by Australia and New Zealand, through the Vanuatu Education Support Program (VESP).

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