Ministri blong health support Port Vila Basket Ball team

Minista Jack Norris i presentem vt100 000 cash i go long representative blong basket federation

Port Vila basket ball team hemi risivim long yestede moning wan donesen we Minista blong health, Jack Norris hemi givim towards Nasonal Gem we bambae hemi tekem ples nekis wik long Tanna.

Minista Norris hemi talem se ministry we hemi lukaotem hemi no only supportem basket ball blong Port Vila but fulap different sport discipline.

“Ministry blong helth hemi stap promotem faet blong Non communicable disease or NCD mo stap askem people blong always stap fit mo healthy, hemi ol risen ia nao we ministry we mi lukaotem hemi disaedem blong help supportem ol different sport discipline towards national gems”, Minista Norris i talem.

Port Vila Basket Ball Association bambae hemi sendem tu tim i go daon long Tanna tumoro on board blong Vanuatu Ferry.

President blong Association, Michel Moli hemi talem oli risivim tu smol financial support we hemi kam long leader blong opposition, MP Ishmael Kalsakau we hemi save contribute wetem olgeta training pips blong olgeta pleia.

“Mifala i glad bigwan blong look support we hemi kam gavaman mo opposition mo contribution ia hemi bigwan tumas long tufala team blong Port Vila we i kat blong ol man mo woman”, Mr. Moli i talem.

Hemi talem se bambae Team Port Vila bambae hemi traem best blong hem long tunamen long Tanna long nekis wik.

Nasinal gem blong 2019, hemi stap now long Lenakel, long Tanna.

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