Minister wants airline to be flexible on new policy with students

Minister of Education Jean Pierre Nirua

Minister of Education, Jean Pierre Nirua, says he respects the Air Vanuatu policy on photo identifications for its passengers but wants the airline to be flexible with its new policy with students.

Mr Nirua said he has heard about Air Vanuatu introducing compulsory use of photo identification as of February 1, 2019.

“We respect the policy of Air Vanuatu.

“The second point that i want them to do is to make sure that they work with the Ministry of Education to ensure this policy is spread to all provincial education offices so that they can advise students.

“At the same time, may not all if not many students will not have an ID card (by then) and i hope Air Vanuatu can be flexible with their new policy to make sure they can accommodate any students that needs to travel by air to Port Vila or other destination for their education.

“I hope there is an atmosphere is understanding so that no one is unduly penalised for not having an ID card to enable for him or her to travel,” Nirua said.

He said the policy is appreciated by his ministry but the call is for an understanding to ensure young students that are without a photo identification card are allowed to travel.

The Minister of Education has called on all parents to ensure their children attend school from kindergarten up to senior secondary.

“Government has been investing a lot of money and subsiding the cost of education.

“I am calling on all parents to ensure the children of Vanuatu go to school.

“And to the students, to make sure they work hard because opportunities are becoming competitive and in order to grab benefits from scholarships or having access to schools, students need to score high grades.

“I am only extending my word of encouragement to all the students for this new academic year,” the Minister of Education said.

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