Preparations are underway for the SANMA Key Farmers Agriculture Show that will be held around end of May to June this year.

Provincial Agriculture Officer for SANMA province, Joel Kalnpel, said there are many key activities that will be implemented this year in Sanma province and one of them is the SANMA Key Farmers Agriculture Show.

“This event will target our key farmers in SANMA province to see whether SANMA farmers are preparing themselves for the National Agriculture Festival that will be hosted by TAFEA province in 2020,” Kalnpel said.

The mini – agriculture show will evaluate level of production for farmer and find out to whether they can supply high value crops all year round because of the seasonality of crops

One of the activities that will be launched during the SANMA Key Farmers Agriculture Show is the integrated farming system implemented by the Department of Agriculture in Luganville, Santo.

“Integrated farming system includes planting trees, fencing of small livestock animals, fisheries and agriculture in one particular area”, the SANMA Provincial Agriculture Officer said.

Preparation towards the show is currently underway and DARD officers based on Santo are digging up the fish ponds and work on other component of the integrated system is progressing well according to plan.

“The integrated farming project is located at the compound of DARD office on Santo.

“All of these works should be completed by this week,” said Mr Kalnpel.

He added that the idea of establishing an integrated farming system is to encourage local farmers and the general public to invest in backyard gardening in the form of an integrated system- growing crops, keeping livestock and feeding tilapia fish.

“I believe this is a possible solution to adapt to climate change in Vanuatu.

“The integrated farming system was implemented in PENAMA province last year and it turned out successful.

“This time the same system will be implemented in SANMA, moving on to other provinces and we are expecting a positive output,” said Mr Kalnpel.

The SANMA Provincial Agriculture Officer appeals to all key farmers in SANMA province to get ready for the upcoming SANMA Key Farmers Agriculture Show and that a confirmed date will be announced shortly.

Kalnpel said there are more activities that will be implemented in the coming months namely the National Extension Forum in July, Kava Forum in August and other programmes on kava, root crops, fruits and vegetables, cocoa and coconut.

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