The government of China has supplied 14 military-designed vehicles to Vanuatu to be use by the Vanuatu Mobile Force (VMF).

It includes transport vehicles, medics to evacuate casualties, vehicles for official use and other equipment to be used at the base, VMF workshop.

The head of the government, Prime Minister (PM) Charlot Salwai, received the keys of these heavy vehicles from the Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu, Liu Quan, then handed over to the Acting Commissioner, Robson Iavro, last week.

These military equipment were never seen in Vanuatu before, said Iavro.

They will be use to safeguard the country’s sovereignty, said the Chinese Ambassador Quan.

“China is the largest contributor to the United Nations (UN) with its peacekeeping forces scattered around the world.

“We (China) stay committed to upholding world peace and stability. Maintaining peace is an important part of our foreign policy.

“China is a true friend to Vanuatu. I hope that people in Vanuatu understand that we are a loving country rather than believing fake news that portrays something completely different about us,” he said.

The assistance demonstrates the strong relationship the two countries share in politics, economic and culturally, the occasion noted.

Apart from the vehicles, China also provided equipment such as boots and socks, raincoat, travelling bags including new uniforms.

PM Salwai applauded China for its continuous support to development in Vanuatu. “This is not the first time China has assisted VMF.

“A lot of projects in Vanuatu are funded by China. Its continuous assistance can be seen in prime sectors such as infrastructure, education and health,” he said.

Iavro said the assistance will boost the VMF capability of responding to emergencies and disasters.

Ambassador Quan took the opportunity during the handover ceremony to invite PM Salwai to a reception to commemorate the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Vanuatu. The event will be commemorated in Port Vila and Beijing, China, on March 16.

The recent handover of the vehicles was also witnessed by Minister of Internal Affairs, Alfred Maoh.

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